nFuse is a part of the Xplore Group. The Xplore Group has multiple offices, in several countries, including Spain. To be more precise, Valencia. The offices in Spain are located in quite a distinctive building “Edificio Europa”

The building is located at a stones-throw of the, as-impressive, soccer Mestalla stadium. The Xplore Group office is located at the 13th floor, so impressive views are guaranteed. The front view oversees part of one of the main streets and stadium, the back view, the gorgeous ocean.

All work and no play?

Well…being in Spain always tends to give a holiday like feeling (to me at least). Feeling the difference in temperature (15 degrees in Belgium) to 27-30 degrees in Spain is nice, but seeing the palmtrees, hills and blue skies is a big bonus.

Aside all that, work had to be done, meetings attended, new people to meet (our Spanish co-workers are a great team), a holiday certainly it was not. Several meetings and handshakes later we settled in the normal daypace working. Working together creates a better understanding of the day-to-day challenges. But also, eXploring new business opportunities for nFuse were discussed.

The official opening

The opening started around 17.00. The caterer had been prepping all afternoon, making sure that all was set for customers, family and co-workers. To be honest, it was a Tapas galore. Food and drinks were being served in a rapid succession and the tapas got better and better. The opening progressed in a very relaxed manner. The opening turned out to be a success. Thanks to Els for getting everything arranged and the meticulous planning.


Well, what can I say. Being this close to the stadium…and Valencia plays Arsenal in the Europe league…we just had to attend. So after the party, we walked over to see a fantastic match.

Development / DevOps and support

Our co-workers in Spain are developers, MDM-specialists and DevOps experts. nFuse works close together with all our offices and it has been a great pleasure to meet all involved people. Would you like to follow our offices in Spain? They have their own Facebook account. Head over there and give them a big thumbs up!!