It is no secret that we love monitoring and alerting. It is also not a secret that we have multiple tools to enable our customers with the best monitoring information available. One of our preferred tools is, of course, Datadog. We have a long and outstanding relationship with Datadog, and this since several years already.

Wait, several years?

…but nFuse has been founded in January 2019…

Well, this is of course true, but we have worked together with Datadog with our partner Fenego before. nFuse got incubated by Fenego , and all experience and expertise with Datadog are done and carried out by precisely the same people. And sometimes, it takes a bit of time to have everything arranged again.

Hence this great news: nFuse has become a Datadog partner! Due time the nFuse logo appeared on the Partner website as well.

Want to learn more?

Well, why not contact us, to see what kind of expertise we can provide. We are happy to assist you with answers to all of your Datadog questions.